Saturday, March 24, 2012

Suci's Birthday!


Another BloMer (Blogger Married) meet up on February.
Yes we usually meet up once a month. We've been meeting up since November until now.. at least once a month we should arrange a meet up yet we still keep contact almost everyday thru BB group.

We met up on February 14 in order celebrating Suci's birthday. She treated us at Pancious and the dresscode was black! Oya, actually we did bday surprise to Suci on her exact birthday, January 31 at Sency... and yeah i think we did it very well hehe since i was one of the "EO" that should coordinate with her hubby, Budy :)
minus Ola and Nadya

Too bad Fitri couldnt make it and so Nadya, so it was just the 6 of us!

Suci got many birthday gift from us which is from our own label hahah yeah except me.. hehe..  not yeat i mean :D

And she spontaneously wear all of the gift.. SUCH A FREAK SUCHI! LOL.. Look how crazy she is

Well our own photo session always be our most favourite part hihihi
Oya, i also got a late birthday gift:
Wearing a top from FROSTYA by @miyromiiy
she made it special for us depend on our each fav color yeayy!
Thank you bu prabuuu :)

Thanks Suci :*

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  1. Suka deh ngliat betapa hangatnya persahabatan kalian :) style hijabnya juga pd keren2 hihihii aq suka nyontek dr kalian lho...
    Salam kenal kara ^_^

    1. alhamdulillah, makasih yaa salam kenal juga ;)

  2. Ajib banget hijabnya... Salam kenal


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