Monday, September 28, 2009

karasanten and fazzgoy recap

day 1 faz in JKT - thur. 24 sept. 2009
didnt pick him up. as usual. i wasnt allowed to due to those jawa ladies' rules. huh! and we hadnt meet yet at that day. bcoz of it was too late at nite. and he was very tired of the trip. and i believe that i wouldnt be allowed to meet him.

just realized that he always come to jakarta on thursday. then we got our first meeting on friday :)

day 2 faz in JKT - fri. 25 sept 2009

he was coming to my house at about 2 o clock. oh goshhh.. i still remember how i saw him from my window. and that's my bebii! he's here now! oh god! this is unbelieveably true!! knowing that we used to meet on webcam and now he's for real to me!
he looks handsome with his new haircut. but he looks a bit fat. hehe.. but i think he's getting "putihan". lebih cling-cling. than our last kopi darat a few months ago.

hohohoho... cant stop grinning when i was open up the door to meet him. hihi. i was set my expression to be not looks so happy. hihihi. and you know what he was very wangiii... due to the perfume he took. uhuuyy. uhuuy. i cant stop smiling and having the big grin at that time. :))
and he said that im getting thinner. yes i had been fatty a few months ago. dunno why.
im getting petite he said.

after a long chit chat with him. then he started to talk seriously with my father. and id rather go to my bedroom, left them two. hehe.
and after all that finished. we took our magrhib pray together the two of us.
hihi :) sooo gladd!
then we had our dinner.
and me and my fam were preparing to go to Bandung at that time. and about to go to jatiwaringin first to borrow my uncle's car.
theeen my papa asked faz to drop us to jatiwaringin. hehehe. oiya, that was a heavy rain.
so the position in faz's grand livina car was; faz and my papa at the first row. haqa and tante nina at the second row. and me at the last row. watching him from the backside. watching him talked politely to my father.. how sweet ;)
oiya due to the heavy rain, that was a fallen branch in my house. and it sounds so hard! and too bad, it was impacted to faz's car. :( the main window of the car is broken. huhu. we just realized it when we were on the way to jatiwaringin. poor faz :(

after all. faz finally met my uncle, aunty and my grandma. and then we separated. i went to bandung, and he went home.

aw awww.. what a day! 9 hours nonstop within him at that day.. :))

day 3 faz in JKT - Sat. 26 sept 2009

we didnt met :( yeah i was in Bandung while he's in JKT
but i had a great big family meeting. they were asking for faz. hehe. sadly he couldnt join and blend to my big family yet.

day 4 faz in JKT - Sat. 27 sept 2009
we havent meet again. its just too late to have a date.
okey. we'll take tomorrow as our revenge. we're gonna have a date from the earlier morning. and the whole day long. hehee. hope soo..
i love him so much!!

smooch :*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

he's coming to town

bebi will coming to town by tomorrow afternoon insyaAllah..

tonite will gonna be his flight to malaysia, then go straight to Jakarta..

ohh how i miss him! this kinda feeling is just same like i did feel, when we were gonna 'kopi darat' a few months ago.. *bahasa inggris kacau seada2nya, hahah

yes! yes!

kayanya rasanya sama deh kaya waktu akan bertemunya for the first time. uhuuy!

have a safe flight beb :)
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