Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wear your own label

grabbed from sitjuw blog

March already!
So its time to meet up with BloMer (Blogger Married) like we usually do every month..
This month we decided to start Arisan, yeah itung-itung saving dehh ;)
Too bad Nadya is still in Malaysia.. so we all meet up without her.

Wednesday, March 21.. we meet at Warung Pasta, Kemang, as our bumil's command (Suci) ;p
Oya, our dresscode was.. "Wear your own label" hihi that idea actually came up from me! as now im having my own label..but havent publish it yet..

We didnt prepare all of the arisan stuff, so we make it on the spot. Just need a piece of paper, ballpoint, and an empty glass..
The unique part is, Siti wrote down our each label instead of our name on the paper..
and the winner is KIVITZ! congratsss hihihihihi...

Without our bumils..

Wearing skirt from Such! by Suci Utami. Thank you bu budyyy ;)
and wearing a scarf from SKARF by kara

Photos are graabed from Kivitz and Saturday blog :D
Thank youuuu


  1. ditunggu launching labelnya ya Kara :)

  2. asyiik, ada label baru ;)

    ditunggu SKARFnya :D

  3. Moga sukses ya Kak..;)..
    Akhirnya bikin juga label sendiri.. ;)..


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