Monday, October 3, 2011

we love photo booth!


since i dont know what to write, what to tell. I'll just post some photos. Let me introduce you my college friends (Unpad, Bandung), the one without hijab is Dinda, and the other with hijab is Idha. She is the girl next  (my) door, literally, hehe she's my neighbor at the dorm. So these photos were taken in Idha's room, we did make up in order to shoot a video birthday greeting to my other college friend, Sarah.

Ok, those photos are selected based on my pose and my expression. haha! *selfish*

anyway... i dont know whether is a good news or a self-centered alert.. lalala..
Tadaaa! i've just created a twitter account for this my beloved blog, so hopefully it helps you to be updated about life report *siapeu gue* :p



  1. ga bikin fan page sekalian kk?

  2. gw suka gaya lo yg ngedipin mata, Ra B)
    *penggoda abiiss hoho.. :Dv

  3. heheh makasih semuanyaa! jangan lupa yaa follow @lifereport_kara.. made only for you girls ;)


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