Sunday, December 27, 2009

happy birthday Nadira Kurnely :)

what a great day..
coming to one of my bestie's house.. it was Dira's Birthday! and she's always invite us to have lunch in her house. i think ive been coming to her house 3 years in a row. and others hers birthday invitation in a different place.
I still remember, i came to her birthday lunch at Tamani Kemang with her big yet warm family in it. and it was the day when the Tsunami in Aceh had happenned. wow..

oh yaa ! and she ever invited us to have a dinner with her family in poke sushi, crown hotel. wow it was my very first time been there and ate poke sushi. soo deliciousooo.. !! :)

and a year after that she invited us to come to her house.. ohh wait apparently i still have the pictures of her each birthday.. lets check it out..

this pic taken on 26 december 2004 *if im not mistaken
yes the day when the Tsunami happened.

i have no idea about where she celebrated her bday on 2006. did she invite mo to her bday? coz i dont remember at all.
ok just skip it!

this pic taken at poke sushi crown hotel on december 07 :)

and this is her birthday, a year ago..

lovely ! isn't it? :)

and yeay its her latest bday pic :) moi took this pic so she's not in frame :p

but wait.. dont you realize? that im the one who always came to your birthday dir? :) ohh sounds soo sweet !
i came to ur each birthday celebration.. but i really dont know about your bday on 2006..

actually, who is she? let me explain. her full name is Nadira Kurnely. We were in the same elementary school (SD Bhakti) but not that really close back then. Entering Junior High School (SMP 75), we were in the same school as well and in a same peer group called SuperStar *hihi soo junior high skul!. And.. it happenned again in Senior High Skul (SMA 78).. and yes, again.. we've been in a peer group called Strawbelicious *not even sounds better from the previous one, haha! oiya! and we were a class mate and even been a CHAIRMATE at last ! we were in 3-C IPS. had so much moment with her and other friends :)

       in canteen                                        at gyanda's 17th bday party

and we've separated when she decided to move to Unpad and me in UI.
huhu.. this post reminds me of those unforgetable moments, with dira and the strawbz as well :)

superstar with our "uniform" LOL

      Strawbs at madol time with our genuine uniform :p     
love you so muchoo girls :(
miss you all


  1. hihi i still remember that pics u took last year.. kita baru jadian sebulanan gtu terus ada yg upload pictures yang kmu makan pizza berdua gtu terus aku mau makan pizza berdua kmu juga ahhahaa

  2. sotoy dehh yang aku mkn pizza kan ultahnya dhenia. itu jelas2 aku mkn donat bukan pizza..

  3. by the waaay ra,,tsunami taun 2004.ehehe...

  4. hah serius lo?? wahh jd itu taun 2004 dong ya?? yahh.. brarti yg 2005 kmn ya?? hehe thx anyway nad,


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