Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a small reunion and the lucky J's story :p

Hi folks (caelah!)
today was great and fun !
I slept at 5am and woke up at 12 o clock, then I took a bath and went to Independent Bank with my parents in order to have a new ATM card.
and it didnt take so long, and yeay Ive got my new instant ATM :)
after that i went straight to sency. I was afraid that they had waited for me so long.. and yes I was the one who came first. hoho! feels good cause ive been known by my friends that im "ngaret" person :p

Horee finally meet my old friends kafi, viona, ajeng, azel, dinda.
the route was foodcourt - sushitei (OMG! 2 ronde) - PS (Mango)- back to sency - (bia just came in the end) - finish!

there's an interesting story, when viona asked us to accompany her to Mango PS in order to find her dream-discount-shoes. As we entered the Mango store, the shoes were disorganized on the desk (yeah soo market treat when the discount held) and viona found her dream shoes (a platform to be exact) and she tried it. At the same time, Ajeng (a.k.a Jengkoy/ J ) found an animal print boots "Lucu banget" she said. and as I seen it, I agree. oh so boots I've been searching for. and J yelled "Haa 400rbu! 36 pula" (the size).
wow! cool.. yeah FYI me, viona and J have the same shoe size :36! it sometimes give us some advantages, like J has experienced. its a 36 shoe size left on display..
And you know what?? the previous price was 900.000 IDR and got less again into 499 IDR and it turns out 399 IDR at last !
wow again ! J kept asking me "tell me, apa yang bikin engga (utk beli) ??"
I answered "ya ga ada, udah Mango, berkurang 2 kali. dan ya lo taulah J, itu ukuran 36 kita banget. minta dibeli banget. udah jarang kan yg ukuran 36" and as she was thinking about it there was Ibu2 came and ask about it shoes. The Ibu2 asked the 39 size to the store-keeper.
and J was a bit worry about the shoes. hihi. it makes her being competitive. and as the store-keeper asked J "Ini mau diambil mba?"
J answered : "IYA!" but after that her mimics shown a doubt! haha.. she end up herself  in front of the cashier and suddenly she yelled to azel "Zel ada Bank Mega ga?"
azel : "Kenapa?" she came to J and gave the card (FYI azel whom has so many credit card, either HSBC or Mega Bank, hihi)
and you know what.. the discount turn out 10% again! oh wow.. and finally the price of the boots is 360 IDR !
grrr I envy her about her luckyness! we all know that J always have a lucky about anythings related to money and some surprisingly advantages! envy envy envy..
and after that she kept feels like "unbelievable" and so grinning, while viona kinda disappointed because her dream shoes size is not available. hihi..

you guys must be curious of how does it the boots look? here I found the shoes pic

wohooo congrats to J. she finally has a MANGO BOOTS with affordable price she paid. :)
I asked J to write down her experience about this in blog or anything instead of telling it to others. I mean its kinda "prestasi". ya kan?
But I feel like wanna write it down in my own blog. hihi *gatel sendiri!
anyway this is what I wore today..

a jhoddpurr which I bought in Bandung and so the shoes :)


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