Friday, December 4, 2009

my birth month shows..

ga sengaja nemu situs ini,

What your birth month means : i'm January !

lets check it out :
* Ambitious and serious      = correct!
* Loves to teach and be taught     = hmm not really
* Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses = hehe iya nihh, huhu
* Likes to criticize        = iya ! related to above
* Hardworking and productive  = into my interests only
* Smart, neat and organized     = yap! yap correct! alhamdulillah kalo smart :)
* Sensitive and has deep thoughts    = THIS IS SO ME!
* Knows how to make others happy   = iyaa, i love to make others happy in a different way
* Quiet unless excited or tensed   = hehe, tend to moody i guees
* Rather reserved    = haa?
* Highly attentive  = bisa juga, tend to notice sih
* Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds   = alhamdulillah klo bener :) tp tahan dingin kok
* Ro mantic but has difficulties expressing love  = ive been there! bebi has changed me to be more expressive in love :)
* Loves children   = cuma seneng merhatiin, tp susah berinteraksi dg mrk
* Homely person  = BANGET2an! betah bgt dirumah berhari2
* Loyal   = iya dongg! :) either to people or stuffs
* Needs to improve social abilities  = haha tau aja! sangat2 susah dalam hal bersosialisasi
* Easily jealous  = cuma dengan org tertentu aja kok jealous nya, ehhe

the points above shows the real me, but not all of me..
worth to read, just click this, then read your birth month..
selamat berintrospeksi diri

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