Friday, December 25, 2009

hello Jakarta and the trinket (tetek bengek) ?

im home already.. in Jakarta to be exact !
but as i arrived home last nite, i feel like.. "ohh god, this house is still the same.." so do the people inside.. they're always shouting my brother to get pray.. if it doesnt work, they shouted me to ask my brother to do that one.. zzz.. i dont miss that situation anyway.. i miss my small cubical room called kamar kosan instead..

today i was sooo bored. i woke up at 1 o'clock due to just got slept at 3 am.
then i was wondering what am I going to do today.. besides dealing with the bank in order to get my new ATM card, but it wasnt happen. just because i was just too late to come to the bank, the bank was about to close in 02.30 pm.
maybe its kinda weird to be bored at ur own home, but i did feel that :(

oiya, one thing that made me so curious to come home is to give a jacket to my brother.
i bought the same jacket with dinda has, i bought the black one while dinda has the red one.
the jacket is cool because it is designed for motorcycle rider i guess. and i think my brother doesnt have one besides an ordinary jumper which just can cover a body without any others function.

I gave it to my brother as I entered to my room, yeah he was in my room
"Nih Qa!"
"apaan nih?" he took a look for a while then he stares the laptop screen again
"ihh bukaaa!"
"apa nih?" ihh asiiikkk.. ajkh mba! ihh kereen.. ih asik dahh..." then he fitted it..
"ihh asikk.. bisa buat gaya juga kan yaa.. " then he act like a vocalist
"apaan sih org itu buat motor kalii.. kalo buat gaya mah beda lagii.."
"tp bisa jg tau.. ih keren jg mba pilihan lo.. asik yak! pdhal cuma distro doang, buatan indonesia.. bisa juga bikin ky gini.." "Bandung sih yaa.. enak, macem2"
and others comment that came out from him.. hehe overall, im happy when he loves it!
though im a stingy sister as he ever shouted to me :( but hey i know how to please someone that i love..
i'd love to give surprise to my people surround..
i admit that im a stingy person when people ask me to do a favor but sometime i could be a nice lady when i want to please others without any demand..

ohya i stalked his twitter on my tweetdeck, instead of follow him.. ust search his name on twitter i could stalk him, i may know what his tweets.. and after i gave the jacket to him.. he tweets:
asiiik. dbeliin jaket oleh kakak tercinta. i love you, kar'
haha, happy but err a bit kurang ajar dia! mention my name without 'mba

anyway.. after all those bored feeling.. i finally went out to sushi naga in order to meet my girls.. my junior high school mate to be exact.
though i've waited for 30 minutes without any pulsa in my phone.. and a bit get bad mood at that time but eventually they came.. and get the conversation started..
J told her story being a fashion designer assistant, how she treat J such an ass, haha..
and as the conversation flew.. ive just realized that we're getting older, our topic is getting heavy.. its about a job, our passion not about campus thingy yet..
and im still the same, dealing with campus thingy while my friends dealing with their jobs, their new activities beside campus routinity.. hmm but i love being their motivator, tell them whats on my mind from my perspective..
i think me and pudi both same, instead of moi, J and aya who have tasted how job is like..

in the end.. im wondering.. what is my passion about? what is my dream job? what i want to be later on?
hmm still figure it out i guess..
what i know is..
i love to consule others
i love to be and to do make-up
i love to read magazine
i love to... organize something that i like..
and you know what.. due to like to organize sumthin or maybe its just because i love behind the scene of radio station.. my mankom friends declared me as a producer (again? ohh ive been a producer since my d3 brodkes guys!) they choosen me bcoz they think im a "broadcast fresh graduate". yes, my others 2006 friends are came from advertising mostly, and my others brodkes friends were came from different years.. means theyre older from me :p
anyway.. one thing ive realized that im still in love with radio station thingy although i dont have any good taste of music. but i love to organize, to create a concept of a program , to create a uniqe name of the program.. and so on :)

so what about you??


  1. i like youuu and your writing is getting better and better.. its interesting!

  2. hey! who are youu..? it must be my lover.. uhuuuyy :)
    is it beb? huaaa thanks bebihh.. im flattered! really appreciate it hun :)


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