Thursday, December 31, 2009

shopping day with Bogor-ers :)

slept in the morning, woke up at 10 am. woke up by sarah's call.. a sign that she and Desin (bundo) was on her way to Lebak bulus from their home (bogor) and time for me to got prepare. but yeah as always, i was late.
I was catching up the busway by haqa's motorcycle (boncengan). i left home at 20 to 12.
and I finally arrived pim at 12.30
i was calling out them but theyg re was no answer. I walked to Zara. and they weren't there. i kept calling them but then I decided to open twitter. and yes there was bundo tweets on the top of my home. it mentioned that she was at mango. okeeeee !

I finally met them there (mango) dealing with the sale clothes. haha whatso ladies!
and after that we met dindaa, and spend time together in about 7 hours in PIM :p
entering and exiting the store. shopping. sushi tei. heavenly blush :)
too lazy to write the details..
so here are.. pictures tells more

kara dinda desin sarah

while we were sitting in front of a Salon. my eyes stopped at the ladies whom sitting on the chair of the Salon. as i realized who she is, i ran into the Salon and did Jambak / jenggut her short hair which I havent seen it directly. and she spontaneously wanted to be angry but immediately changed "heboh" as she realizes it was me!

yes, she is Dina. my highschool bestie. wiff her niece :)

Im telling you, im a person who cant choose between two options.. either clothes, magazines, etc.
I was confuse about two different clothes in orange. I tried both of them on me, took a picture and uploaded it on twitter. and asked people which one is looks better? and the result was seri. 3 sama !
ok then after went around pim and think twice about it, i decided to bought both of them. so here are the temptation.. my guilty pleasure :)

both of them costs 137 IDR only :)
alhamdulillah semoga baroqah

btw I've had experiencing the miracle or the impacts of doing istighfar 1000times.. found Rp 50.000 in my pocket bag! i know its mine, but I forgot that I put in it.
alhamdulillahhh :)

oiyaa I met caca (marshanda) at the pim 2, she realized me. and i was kinda nervous when cipika-cipiki with her *sigh -__-

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