Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Full of Affection Day :)

hello there.. so happy to know that so many responses I got from my previous posts. especially from my besties and also my old chairmate (first grade in 78) Nadya Arvie who told me the correction of Tsunami. Just realized that Tsunami happenned in 2004 instead of 2005 like i wrote. I mean, 2005 is the year when my mom passed away..

Oiya, im happy to see my sitecounter has been increasing. hehe its because of the promotion ive been doing either on twitter or YM. yes you guys are trapped in my blog! hopefully you'll enjoy my -not-in-a-good-structure-writing and my bad english! hahaha.. yeah i have to force my self to do it >> think twice before write down what i want to write in english :p like my old chairmate Nadya said that her english writing on her blog was "inggris berani mati!" haha but I dont think soo... she got so many vocabularies and has a good grammar. hehe seriously loh nad. I adore your proper english grammar  :)

nd you know what, the more i have a lot visitor the confuse i feel. hehe. confused about, what am I going to write down now? hehe. but i try to be just me..
anyway.. monday!
I went to Dharmais hospital in order to have my breasts USG, as the doctor said to me. That I have to take USG after consuled to her, i feel like my right breast is hard and "nyut2"an..
i arrived there at 12 o clock then had to wait the doctor til 1 pm they said.. but i waited till 2.30 pm. gosh there were so many people queued up for USG, and they keep complained for been waiting so long..and so my dad kept complaining and kept asking the nurse..
and finally i entered the usg room right after took dhuhur pray..
the doctor was whom i had usg with a year ago..
she started to put the gel on my breasts and browsed on it, and she kept browsed it till she ask my usg result a year ago. and she still brwosed it while wondering why my right breast is so solid / hard.
she said that maybe my breast is such a solid type, but she said its OK.
"Maybe u should get married soon, having a baby and do breastfeeding" the doctor said
"so that the breast could loose-down and your hormonal will get stable"

as I exited USG room, my dad teased me "Kawin nih yee.." hahaha he always tease me like that.. since im getting serious with faz.. :) hope u dont mind Pa..
after had a lunch in foodcourt then we went home.Oiya, I still have to take the usg result tomorrow and make an appointment with my previous doctor in order to consule it. so i have to get back there again.

Maybe im not a child who as cheerful as I'm in my peer-group. I am a quiet child in my family, and tend to lazy to speak up I guess. dunno why. but as im mingling with my peer group i could be a different kara, who always bawel, cheerful and so on. again, dunno why. hehe.
but overall, ive always happy to spend my time with My dad n My step mom though I've been just kept silent and no matter where will our destination. but I love that. Alhamdulillah, fortunately i feel their affection, their love to me, by caring me and accompanying me to check up :) love you all.
where's my brother? yeah he was still sleeping in his bed. he slept in the morning, due to still awake in the middle of night.. so he wont accompany me in morning activities..

In the evening we went to eyang and my aunty's house. been so long havent met them..
there was a jam, so we spent more than an hour on the road.. in fact we could reach eyang's house for 45 minutes only. but the benefit was we (four of us) had a conversation which rarely to have..

and finally we arrived and met eyang.. I know she missed me. So did I sihh.. she gave me a warm hug.. as I said before, though im a queit person, but i forced myself to have a lil chitchat with eyang.. so that i had to refused my bebi's call. sorry my dodol :p

Oiya! as I met my aunty Tuti, she said "Eh mbak Kara, baru buka twit2nya mbak kara, Duren gimana Duren?" while I gave kiss on her cheek. and what did I do? I just smile and "melengos"
Hhahaha.. ohh i feel ashamed!
grr I thought she just known my FB thingy, but as her-14 years old-daughter (who's my cousin) started to follow my twitter, I think she's going to stalk me and yeahh now i dont have any private space (karafaz's space to show their love, to be exact :p)
but It's OK lah. now I know, I have to tweet carefully :p
for all of you who havent idea about Duren.. here are my tweets yesterday this and this. yeah it was one of our weird conversation I had with bebih my dodol :p

Ok back to the topic, then I had a lil chat with my eyang. she said im slimmer. and I answered that I often to eat in Bandung. hihi. then we talked about cooking thingy.. I told her that ive ever cooked fried rice with terasi in it and she said I dont have to put it. then she mentioned her fried rice receipt and challenged me to prove it.
Oke eyang! I owe you to stay for a nite with you :) i'll make it soon insyaA.
happy to met her again. kinda missing her so much. feel as comfy as I'm with my passed away mom :)

My lovely Eyang and Aunty Tuti
aunty Tuti has a similar face with my Mom!

I've got everything ! Warm (Small and Big) Family, Besties, Boyfie and soon to be husband and also his warm family. Alhamdulillah, Thankyou Allah :)

The key of happiness is be Thankful, soAllah will give us more happiness than ever !
Couldn't ask for more

Good morning All! Gosh its 15 minutes to 4 o clock! i need a bunch time to write down this post! hihi.

Thanks readers and followers,
Love you all

* I havent sleep yet, whereas im gonna meet my brodkes besties today! oh! wait for my story ya

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