Friday, January 1, 2010

my 2009 review. LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

2009 has been such a great and blessful year for me..
I've done things that needs to be done
I've started things that should be started..
but.. behind all of those things above.. I've been feeling guilty of something which i can't share here.

let me explain about 2009 towards me. i'll make it detail per month

Entering 2009. It's been my very first time having a boyfie in January, anyway its my Birthday month ! The previous years I had no boyfie in my birthday. though I've got Faz as my boyfie in my 21 years old, unfortunately he wasnt right beside me to celebrate it together. but its ok as long as the birthday present from him reached me ?? I ruined his plan of my birthday.. hihi!
At the end of december 2008, I was using his FB account and I found a message from his friend whom i know. He asked faz about what type / size he want (i forgot the details). The point is faz has erased the messages from his friend but as his friend sent a new message, the previous replied messages both of them shown! haha.. so that I knew his plan birthday present for me, and i couldnt keep pretending like nothings happen. As I asked him and recognized it then he was angry to me! haha I'm sorry sayang.. I didnt mean it. but I'm Kara who always notice and aware about something :p

In the early days of my bday, My friends surprisingly came home when I was having a call from Faz. wow I was so surprised there were Moi, Putri, Aya, Ajeng, Waza, Daniel, Dodi


bday cake from my parents

The day after my bday, my bestie Rommy came to my home.. she gaves me a shoes and.. some presents from my hunny bunny sweety bebiy faz. hehe ! turned out he planned my bday presents since December 2008. wow! and he asked his friend and Rommy to help him make it true.. but eng ing eng I ruined it! hihi. so here are the present..

a plenty of my pics
(thats why he kept asking me to send my pics to him back then)

a #16-orange-jacket (my birth date and 01.09 additional number)

a cute birthday card (was his very first time made a vector, not bad beb! )

was a month which I had been waiting since me & faz in a relationship. yes! he was coming to town!. and it was our very very very very first time face to face (kopi darat) after those webcam, chatting thingy.  we had never met yet before, but as we comitted to be karafaz (hehe) we couldnt hardly wait to meet each other. Oh I still remember how I felt when we meet at my home. grrr... nervous all over my body but i pretend to be cool even tend to be jutek. haha. poor him.. the point is he wasnt disappointing me. I mean physically. hihi.

it was the second day of our rendevous

just realized that he was petite at that time

sadly was a month that faz went back to Melbourne. but in the other hand. it was a month for me to get serious woringon my TKA (final assignment). I had a very solid team. they're my team, my peer-group, my aspirin, ahh! kinda miss them so muchh! Worked with various different characteristics of them. We are friend, we've got a brilliant idea of TKA topic, we've made it true, we've worked with some cool sources people (narasumber), we've worked with some credible additional crew. we've made our masterpiece girls!

Bembi, Aghi, Mondo

Joko anwar


April - May
Still working on TKA thingy. shooting and shooting.. were my busy time. so stressul moreever when we were entering the June. it was our TKA collection day. still hvent edited the video yet :(
but I feel like missing those moments with my balimo team

faz's bday on 10. While doing my TKA, I was making a birthday video to him. with his family members in it. glad to experience it. kinda sad knowing they're do love Faz but he's far far away from them.
wanna see it? just click
he watched the video while calling me. he laughed at first but as he watch his parents wishing all the best and telling how they're proud of Faz.. he was crying ! yes he was sobbing. he told me that he hasnt been felt like that before. :)
the deadline was coming. we're still kinda stress and there was a bit (or big?) problem about the TKA collection. we were late to collect the TKA. huahaha. my badd as a producer. me so stressed cause it was my responsible of the project. we collected the TKA the day after the deadline.hmm..

2th of july was our judgement day. not bad.. due to the late TKA collection we've got a minus point into A- with 85 point. huhu. unless the lateness we could got A with above 90 points perhaps. But I've been thankful about that :)
before sidang, look at my face!

after sidang

balimo taruih :)

oiya there was an extension UI selection. but I failed, so sad at that time. kinda shock and confused what's my next plan? but I've always known that Allah must have a better plan for us..
and as I knew there was an extension Unpad registrasion opened, my dad supported me. And I attended the test but as I did the test I'm kinda pesimistic, huhu.

But Allah had answered my pray back then. the 7th august I was so nervous, felt like it was my last hope to get in lecture again. wanna know how did I feel? click this
faz was kinda disagree that i would left jkt and started to live in Bandung. hehe but yeah i want to catch my dream and my dad's dream to have his child become a Bachelor ASAP. :)
I've been graduated on august 28 :) but sadly I dont took a picture with my friends. back home to early. my best regret in this year :(
anyway I did my make up by myself lohhh

a lil graduation syukuran. yellow rice made by my eyang :) love

and it was my very first time had a fasting month in Bandung. And I've been feeling happy to get Unpad and my class friends. oiya, i forgot to tell that at the first time in Unpad I choosen Journalistic as my submajor, but as the time goes by, me and dinda felt not comfy and dont like the subject so we converted to Mankom. alhamdulillah, luckily the subject are good enough and so the class mate. we are so solid, humorous, completing each others. lovely! glad to know them.

its me!

breaking fast together

LEBARAN DAY! alhamdulillahh..


by the way it also a month which faz went back jkt again ! yeay. twice in a year back to jkt due to me. haha pede ! this time kinda different from the previous rendevous coz I had to arrange my time between faz and my lecture in Bandung. different from March, that we alomost met each other everyday (unless two days), we werent always meet everyday. coz I had to stay in Bandung for a few days.

but there were some lovely days especially our engagement day on 11th and when we went to Bandung together and spent time together with his cousin and so his wife :)

with Deycil (faz's sister) in our our engagement day

with Achie and KeKen in Lantera, Dago Pakar :)

had so much fun with Faz in Bandung. we spent 3 days together there. ngangkot together, met up with my cousin Mbatya in timezone. unforgettable.

my (insyaA)soon to be husband behaviour :p

was a so-so month I guess. I had my first mid test in Unpad. had so much fun with mankom peole. Bandung + Mankom people has been such a everyday holiday! yeay.

our once a week activities . susu murni !

anyway 14th date was KARAFAZ 1st anniversary loh ! aw aw. alhamdulillah we've been togehter for so long. honestly this is my very first time got in a realtionship more than a year and alhamdulillah we've got a next level plan. hopefully came true ya Allah :)

nothing's special happened in this month. just like an oridnary month. filled with my college activities. oiya i think its been my longest week stayed in Bandung, though just two weeks stayed then back home. hihi.
anyway, just had a new years eve together with papa t.nina Mbatya and her mom (bude wawe) minus my bro whom went to Bogor. we went to puri, dinner, and had durian as our dessert at home:p

GOSH ! just realized that 2009 was a great great great year for me and so Faz I guess. alhamdulillah ya Allah. couldnt say and ask for more but Alhamdulillah

January is coming..


  1. I had done something of what should've done..
    I had started something of what should've started..
    I had progressed something of what should've progressed.. this year.

    ini maksudnya apa beb??? hehehe aneh gtu grammarnya..

    oiya bulan juni kok kamu ga mention sih ngasih the best present i've ever had


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