Saturday, January 23, 2010

excited !

got a nice offer from my brodkes friend, and I straight to the point "yess! I doo"
Oooh how i love to be on cam! haha
kinda banci tampil sih guee..
i used to be a host on my brodkes assignment. and i enjoy it!
and my old friend offered me to be a host of a feature program on TVRI..
and the shooting will be held by tomorrow!
W O W..
though im not gonna be paid. its ok!
i mean, i love to be a host..
i love broadcast world..
I'd like to have a new experience..
and even its my old friend's project and so I'll be "tandem" with my another old friend..
nice :)

I'm so excited..
gotta to wake up early in the morning guys..

wish me luck !
talk to you later..


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