Thursday, January 21, 2010

cooking kara :)

how are youu guys.. ??
today i just spent time at home..
i woke up at 2pm ! whoaa.. woke up by eyang's call.. that told me should taking care of my step mom, bcause she's sick and my papa went out of town..
so I made her scrambled egg with bread and and an boilled egg.. :)
and as I watched Julie & Julia dvd.. wow i really want to cook.. i want to be able to cook anything.. but i feel like i would never cook such as chicken thingy, because its so euuhhh! maybe i could make some cake, or anyhting else. hehe..
and right after watched that movie, i went to kitchen and started to peel up the garlics and onions..
hmm i started to make my own fried rice.. mixed with scrambled egg.. and i added saori sauce randomly..
ohh i remember my grandma's recipe. she said just put in chicken broth into it..
and.. voilaa !
it works.. i gave it to my step mom to try it.. and she said "enakkk!"
yess! I agree.. it was quite delicious ! wohoo..
hope I wont so just stop or quit due to this succeed.. knowing that im kinda -angot-angot-tai-ayam- person ! haha..
lovely day.. hmm now im thinking to cook or make another recipe by tomorrow..

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