Saturday, January 9, 2010

lady in red

ok my previous post was my very emotional side. I rarely to blow up my emotion and my angerness. then I did it just to show up or throw up what has been bugging me lately.. hmm and thank God you've sent me faz ya Allah. he always make calm, feel better, feel relief with his those wise words, those lift-up sentences, those are kinda booster for me. though i still dont know whats the best solution for me forward but at least I feel relief, to know that someone who always take care of me. maybe he hasn't got lots of patience, but he IS the one who has a very big understanding towards me :) I've always made him cranky to me with my oddity but he always understand me though he was cursing at first. I'm sorry bebi.. huhu i always bug you whenever im whining for your attention. ohh call me a baby! yess im your baby, beb! hehe..
It always feels good after being calmed by him..

btw I havent show u up my new IT stuff of 2010 yah?
hihi its faz's best buy and best present to me.. he has a good taste ! yihhaaa...

look! it's a good leather

ohh how gorgeous I am ! hihi.

huooo.. and thank God, as I arrived in Bandung.. the weather has been sooooooooooooooo match up with my new leather jacket! ihiiiy.. haha.. rain drops and the cold weather. perfecto! and as I mingled with my campus friends they were wondering my jacket. some says it is so damn cool, some says they really wanna have it! and yeahh the power of (my) twitter, they shouted "ohh ini ya the IT's stuff ?? Keren! " hihi. and again based on my tweet, they said "ih kara, doa lo kesampean yaa.. jd bisa pake jaket terus" hehe. I obviously happy to have it and especially it is from my bebi :)

and this is my new make-up style in 2010..

yess! a red-orange lispstick on my lips! does it look good on me? yeahh I think soo! yeah call me have-so-much-confidence-! :p

why its stuff become my new make up style? because i was looking for lisptick kind of this in PAC, and there;s no the lipstick with this color, there's a pencil lipstick with this color instead. which iss.. the price is more expensive than the lipstik price! huhh, and i dont know why i choose to bought it.. and i feel so loss if I wear this lipstick pencil rarely, i mean when I hang out. then I decided to wear it everyday, or even to go to campus! hihi.

Ok ! I think its enough to share these unnecessary things except the fazzgoy's thingy :p


  1. yailah lo secantik itu pacar lo pasti sayang banget sama lo hihihi


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