Thursday, January 21, 2010

make some changes, ra!

since I've been criticized by my old & new friends.. i think i should realy have to change my bad attitude.. bad thoughts..
hmm FYI, this is my first time being criticized or complained by my friends (besides my bebi did)..
wow I feel shocked, and feels resist but i know those thing are damn true !
huaa !
considering that im the one who used to criticize or complain my close friends ( i mean, with good intentions yah) and now im at that position.. ohh feels sucks.. knowing that something wrong with urself which may affect others surrounds you..
ahh what am i talking bout sihh.. haha sorry for my bad english yaa..

oke. here the points are:
- stop being "menyebalkan" person ra..
- stop forcing others towards your wants ra..
- stop being arbitary person *semena-mena
- be more aware towards others' feelings/opinion (about urself ra)
- be a delightful person
- say hello to your non peer group friends, please..
- dont be too picky..
- dont underestimate people whom u dont know well..
- stop thinking that others should get adapt with you yaa..

okee, i know it's very very hard for you raa.. but u should do it yaa!
its for ur own sake..
cheer up!

thanks to sarah and dinda whom made me recognize bout all my faults..
and alsoo bebi faz :)

thanks God

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