Sunday, October 17, 2010

Faz has coming :))

assalamualaikuuum, heihoooo!!!

am so happy today!! you know what?? yes i guess you guys are already know the answer...
yes yes yeesss. Faz Fakhiyardi has coming to town..
another rendezvous of us.. our 4th rendezvous to be exact, since 2009 :))

well at first i had a plan to pick him up with his family.. at 2 oclock. but i really wanted to go to the salon first, and too bad the saloon was fully booked in the morning then i had to wait a call from them.
and.. at 1 pm, the wulandari saloon called me to come, i told them that i want to do ratus treatment and facial totok, hehe.. and i dont think twice, i straightly went to the saloon which only took 5 minutes from my house.

facial totok only took 15-20 minutes then i did ratus treatment, 15 minutes only. then i decided to have my hair cut, and again it only took 15 minutes. when i still at the saloon i was thinking that i impossible to pick faz up in the airport while his family have already off to the airport. but fortunately, the treatment was done earlier than i excpected.. moreover i was afraid that faz will be angry to me if i didnt pick him up :|

 i was finished the treatment at 2pm.
Then i dropped the car in the house, and straight to airport by taxi.. luckily there was no traffic, there was no up to 100.000 rupiahs payment, and i got airport in only 45 minutes!

yesss!! i still remember how my feeling was.. in the taxi i had my face make up. i kept smiling, grinning all alone. haha freak! Then when i saw faz from the distance, i couldnt handle my lips grinning and smiling while walking forward to him :)))

yeahh as usual yaa.. i did shy shy cat and feeling weird to see him right in front of me, face to face, and totally real! there's no laptop screen between us! hihihi..

with her lovely sister, deycil.
 and as we arrived home.. faz opened his baggage then starting give the "oleh2".. Wuihhh he bought many yummy snakcs and slurrppyy chocolatess!
for me, he bought me an eyeglasses, a red havaianas sandals which he found in the street there (haha!) and the size is fit on me! and the special one.. he brought me a compaq laptop which im using now! hehe.. he gave it to me in front of her family.. and i feel a bit uncomfortable.. because his mom looked a bit shock and so his father, but then they were admiring him.. "wahh Karaa.. Faz does love you so much lohhh.. " "wahh faz.. hebat bangett.. baik bangett"
hehehhe alhamdulillah.. i said "coz i dont have a laptop with webcam in it" heheheheheh
a bit awkward sihh..

                                                     do we look similar? ;)

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  1. hai karrr... semoga hari H nya sukses, lancar, aman dehhh... hehehe... juga kedepannya, semiga baik2 terus... you two looks like a great couple, happy for you both! :)


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