Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcoming October : count down the days!

doo youuu realizeee that we are entering October noww.... ???
soo it meanss... we're counting down the days to my BIG DAY?? hahhh...

just wanna report that i've got my wedding card done! weewww.. it means i gotta work to print out the label on the card. hmmm its such a homework then..

I really love the card. i chosen the design by my self, and re-touched it with orange touch :)
and Alhamdulillah i really satisfied with the result!

btw i wanna share the card.. the love of us.. hihihi..

yihaa! :)

pull it up!

Front side

Back side
The whole wedding card!

Alhamdulillah most of the family said, the card is unique, cute and, thematic! they like it so much! yeaayy!

Anyway, we've had the last meeting of karafaz's wedding! huahh i felt sooo confused because the whole family were really involve the meeting and they were so serious. And how bout me? i just sat down in the corner, staring at them.. what are they doing? what am i gonna do? what event will be held.. so the family are so busy to prepare it? * so random thoughts in the middle of family crowd.

i hope everythings going well, as we have planned before. I hope there will be no misscommunications or else negative things which actually absolutely exists in this kind of event called wedding.

well anywayy... I had a great saturday with my new friends though there were some trouble with my car when i was on the way to my friend's house. it was raining heavily, windy, stormy, and i was only with rommy in the car.. then suddenly the car was break down in the middle of traffic! zzzz... alhamdulillah i could park it on itc permata hijau then use taxi.

anyway.. October has been such a precious month for me..
- my (passed away) mom's birthday on 12th
- karafaz first met on Facebook on 14th oct 2008
- karafaz's engagement on 11th oct 2009
- and insyaA our big day on 24th oct 2010 :))

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