Saturday, October 23, 2010

H-1 : The Midodareni nite

H-1 Sabtu, 23.10.10
Pampering myself with body treatment at salon & Midodareni Night

Since my bed has been moved out of my orange room, then i gotta sleep at my brother's room, Haqa. 
 Today is my day! yeay! No faz for today, just me, myself and my friends!
Sementara pagi2 dekor rumah udah di rapih2in buat acara midodareni ntar malem, boleh dong kan yaa gue ga bantu. hehe kan gue calon manten :p 
Eh tapi pagi2 udah ada tukang AC, tukang cat juga masih ada di kamar buat ngecat kamarku lebih orange lagi. Sedangkan papa & bun lagi keluar, jadinya aku dan haqa yang disuruh jagain tukang2 itu deh! Oiya sekalian nungguin kasur buat penganten dateng!

Its afternoon already so I went to wulandari spa at 1 PM, then i took lulur, hair spa , manicure & padicure! and you know what it took almost 4 hours in there! haisshh.. quite boring stayed in a same small place. Eh but i got a member card from them! uhuuy! because the purchasement was more than 200.000 rupiahs, so that i'll get 10% discount each treatment. Ahooy!

As i arrived home, surprisingly there were my auntie stand by! and the bed has just came as well. Therefore my aunties stayed at home, to make the bride's bedroom up! maksudnya, ngehias kamar pengantin. There were some flowers for the room and the bed. WOW i feel sooo blessed, feel so glad, they are willing to help me :) 

wuih mbak tya dan bude wawe baik bangett :)
Tadaaa!!! ini dia pintu depannya? penasaran kan heuheu

Well actually i invited some of my closest friends to come to my house at 7, i told them that it will be just a "kumpul2 nite" or just say it "bachelorette nite". But as the nite came.. suasana makin formal ajahhh!

catering yang sudah siap!

Formil sekale!

And you know what, what should i wore? KAIN DONG! huahhh! wrong information dongs ke anak2! i kept contact with them by bbm, told them that the event became so formal instead of casual one.
at 7, one by one the guests which also my extended family , has coming and they dresses casually. ahh! so it was just me and my family whom dressed too formal! Ngahh! I kept waiting my friends to come, they came so late.. eh btw, poor bebih, he only edited the prewed video alone in his house instead of mingling with me. hihi. he wasnt allowed to come to my house, due to it was called midodareni nite which the bride and the groom are not allowed to meet up each other.

Anywayy.. back to the event.. my closest friends who came first was Rommy! the newly wed, and of course came with her hubby, Prabu. They were from soan2 to rommy's fam, and i called her to come to my house, luckily they could make it! They even came first before the others!

yak satu persatu pun temanku datang.. Putri, Gyanda, Dinda, Dhitya, Moi, Lidia, and Aya. Yuk langsung aja yukk ke kamar penganteeen :) 

whats wrong with my tummy?? :s

(When Rommy first came to my bedroom and saw the white seprei, she said " i suggest you not to use this white seprei deh ra" Aaaaa rommy! you made me scared! you made me curious about her story! haha!)

As i asked them to enter my room, they drastically silent. i dont know why, maybe because they really shocked or really amazed by my orange room! hihi. They said "wow this really is a bride&groom's bedroom!" They become quiet as quite as visit a people whom sick! haha! and we took some pictures while my big family held a little meeting outside.

Putri, Dhitya, Lidia, Me, Gyanda, Rommy, Moi, Aya and Dinda

We shared some talks and laughs in here, and the most wanted stories we want to hear was Rommy's first nite dong! aw aw... i couldnt imagine how it was. hihiiihi. I am so scared lohh!

Well anyway the midodareni nite is a wrap! Its time to sleep, get ready to face the D DAY!

I slept alone in this bedroom with those flowers in the bed and those panda-melati smells.

with my brother, haqa :)

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  1. eittss.. koreksi sedikit yaah raaa.. yang dateng duluan guwhe baruu pudi. hahah.


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