Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10.10.10 = turquoise

 Was attending (teteh) Icha & Aga wedding.. Teteh is Dira's sister. Dira is one of my bestfriend.
Yesterday, me, rommy, ajeng, aya, and moi were so late to come but it didnt make us sad *haha apa sih* we did really curious to come to their wedding reception. We quite close to the family "The Kurnely's", i also invite them to my wedding, include the gorgeous sisters.

well anyway, my theme was turquoise. from head to toe. haha!

All of the sudden i had an idea to wear this kind of hijab

the turqouise eye shadow

The back side of the hijab

The beautiful yet friendly bride
yes she really is a friendly person, even in her wedding.. when i "salaman" with her, she even gave a comment to me. she said " oh my God, you're so beautiful.. yes you are! anyway you're a bride to be ya?" hihihi.. i didnt expect that she would be as nice as that.. speechless. i only gave a big smile to her. haha!

congratulations aga & teh ichaa :)

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