Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 days in Jkt: wed thingy

Its been 5 days already since my last post! uhhh time ticking so fast :(

so little time, so many things to doooo... hemmm.

25th. SATURDAY: went back to Jakarta in the morning and straight to Senayan city in order to give the uniform fabric to cocom. Before that, my parents came to sency to drop by the fabric and lunch with me. then i met cocom, then we accidentally saw etha (my UI friend) while waiting Ajeng. So in the end we were hanging out together. Ah, ya i gave gyanda's fabric to her boyfie who was in sency also.
You know what i spent 10 hours in that mall. From 1pm-11pm. HAHA! and i felt so tired after that.but it was a great saturday with Ajeng. yeah just the two of us in the end, cause the others were hanging around with their family and her (cocom) boyfie.

26th.SUNDAY: was Soenar's family gahtering time! we havent "kumpul" the whole big family yet since Lebaran day. So that was the day. Held in Bandar Jakarta. As usual, we always give a gift or an envelope with the money inside to each others, we called it GALA GAMPIL or THR in general. Alhamdulillah got so many gifts and money from my relatives :)

the Bandar Jakarta is a seafood restaurant which located by the sea... and there's a boat which can be used by us by only pay 50.000 rupiahs for one round.

my niece. my cousins; Gita & Tya in the boat :)

After full of some seafood meals.. i suggest all to have a karaoke family time. And my idea was approved! wohooo... and the karaoke room was sooo cool and cozy enuff :)

Ah ya, i forgot to tell it. In the sunday morning i have all over my body treated in the salon, from head to toe! yeahh! I did lulur, hair spa and manicure padicure. sooo relaxing :)

27th. MONDAY: Back to wedding thingy! Went to Tante Yulia's house, the tailor of my wedding kebaya, in order to have my very first fitting. Turns out the kebaya is still 70% on progress. wow the kebaya is beautiful (for me, personally. since i rare to wear/have kebaya). Well the kebaya for reception is have to be enlarged due to the tightness on my arms. overall i love the kebayas. cant wait to another fitting, cant wait to wear it! :)
after that, we straight to pengadegan, to deal with KUA thingy. too bad there's e regulation which we dont know before. That, we should put our documents to the KUA office which located same as the wedding place will be held. HAHA my english is WORST! i mean, kita harus menaruh berkas2 kita dan meminta penghulu ke kua yg sedaerah dengan tempat kita menikah. so i have to move to kebayoran baru kua office later on.

28th TUESDAY: gotta go to kecamatan kebayoran baru. Alhamdulillah dapet penghulu sesuai waktu yang diinginkan. then straight to PTIK- ambarawa hotel. and home.

29th WEDNESDAY. i decided to go to mangga dua with rommy instead of with my parents. we went to mangga dua pasar pagi by transjak. UHOHH! that  was my very first time using transjak for a longtrip. i usually use transjak to go to pim only. Anyway we transit from harmoni to kota, ohh nooo.. i feel the cahotic there. full of people. hot. and i dont feel any familiar with the street and the region. but thank god we arrived mangga dua safely. and both of us were fasting, so i think its make it worse. we feel soo kering. haha!
well alhamdulillah, i have ordered the souvenirs, actually that is faz's mom idea, and i think its a good stuff also. so i choose it, after long2 thinking and discussing with rommy. I pay the DP, alhamdulillah i brought the logo of "karafaz" name, so i can give it to them to print the name on the stuff. yeahh alhamdulillah souvenir thingy almost done! though i have to go back to give the "thankyou card". hmmm
ALhamdulillah i had a great trip with rommy, we did share lots of things :) love it..

Well anyway, still got so many things to doo...
- listing wedding song
- hunting for selop
- decide which style of hijab to put on
- hunting for wedding rings
- scanning my photos
- labelling the invitations :(
- agghhhh 

gotta sleep now!


  1. hai mbak,
    boleh baca2 blognya kaaan? ^^
    btw kenal mbak ireth(tya) juga? :O

  2. salam kenal mba...
    kunjung balik ya...


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