Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hijabscarf gathering :) lots of gorgeous hijabi!!

yes we were invited by mbak jehan (Jenahara) ,our friend, whom ever featured in And we were excited to come, we were excited to dress-up till we came late. We arrived PI, Urban Kitchen at 6 past 20.. and too bad mbak je didnt come because her daughter was sick. So we just came to the UK the two of us, without any clue who they are, but fortunately i've read some of hijabscarf's posts then i might know who else whom featured in that blog and came to that gathering. At least i noticed mbak Ria, Dian Pelangi, and of course the owner of the hijabscarf blog ; Mbak fifi and mbak hana. They were so friendly.. and you know what made us being center of attention among the hijabers? yeahh, we wore the same dress style.. And they kept asking us "are you two twins?" hahaha.. been so long not hear that common question since our last junior high school perhaps. hihi. Yeah at least they might remember us with that kind of "twins" thingy :D

And so here are the same style of me and rommy
mykamovic dress. LM hardware cardigan. wedges & belt: charles&keith.

and its rommy's outfit
mykamovic dress

                                                                     on our way to PI :)

we've got plenty of new hijab friends!

the stripey ladies!

uhhh we didnt get the goodie bag from wardah :(

                                             with Ria Miranda (pink) & Dian Pelangi

anyway we really had a great time with the hijabi ladies.. new friends, new experiences, and some NEW HIJAB INSPIRATIONS are already spinning around in my head..
To be honest, i'd love to try dian pelagi's hijab style.. and i couldnt stop staring her, noticed her, how she wears her hijab :p ohhyaaa i was calling her "MBAK DIAN" and guess whatt... she turns out way younger than me!! she's 19 YEARS OLD!!


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