Sunday, September 19, 2010


It was the last saturday in this Lebaran's day!

Went to Naninni, Plaza Senayan, with my family. It also a place where my family and Faz's fam were meeting at, discussed about our wedding date. Well anywayyy... The food is good, and the price as well :p

They dont have fettucini in their menu, they only got spaghetti. Either carbonara or bolognaise. But i decided to order some kind of spaghetti.. too bad i forgot the name of it!  its mixed with olive oil. I think i start to love any food which contains olive oil :)) 
So here it is.. more like "bihun" I guess hehe..

And the dinner isn't over yet. I ordered salad as my dessert. Its a rare thing, why did i order salad? Since our servant has go home to their hometown (a.k.a mudik), and there's no one whom cooking in my house.. then I think i'm lack of vegetables!  So with full of sotoyness of mine, i ordered Garden Salad.. and here it is..

OH NO! there's no mayonnaise dressings at all -____-
So i have to eat it with its pure taste.. yeahh so vegetables!
Paprica, cucumber, tomatos, and else.

                       And you can see thru this pic, how was my expression during eating the salad

But fortunately the salad is served with garlic bread, so i can taste less the vegetables by it! haha.

With Haqa, my only one brother.
Well after finished the dinner, haqa asked for leave to hang out with Mas ditho, our cousin. And i straighted to Metro to hunt some heels for my wedding. hmm. havent decided to buy yet though there's a heels which i desire to. 

HEY! the saturday nite is not over yet, i still had a appointment with my friends in senayan city in order to give a birthday surprise to our lovely bestie, Putri Ekarina, or usually called Pudi. So papa dropped me at Sency, then dita picked me up to accompany her to have a dinner outside sency. We stopped and ate at Panglima Polim, then straight to some kind of mini market, either CK or Alfa midi to buy some candles and ordered martabak for pudi.
At 11.30 pm we still waiting for the martabak done, then we straight to sency to catch up sency before the twelve o clock!
So we entered sency basement at a minute to twelve o'clock. There were Dira and her BF, dimpol and her friend, ajeng-aya. So after made a coordination with Waza, we stand by in front of the lift which Pudi and Waza will used for. And... Taraaa... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU... 
she looked shocked yet happy

Then we straighted to oenpau, Radio Dalam. And pudi treated us! yeayy! thankyouu :)

once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUDII.. Wishing you a wonderful 22 years old. more mature and more religious. :*

okey, i think thats more than enough.
Now is time for me to sleep. 

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