Friday, September 10, 2010


Hii everyonee.. how was your Lebaran? was it good? hope soo :) mine was good as well.

TAQOBALALLAHU MINNA WAMINKUM everyone, and lets enjoy the rest of Lebaran Day! yeaa..

i prayed Ied in Duta Merlin as usual, and fortunately me and Mom Nina met my aunt and my cousins in the field.. so we prayed together side by side (in one saf). And its seldom happenned!

And (again) fortunately i saw Rommy (my partner in mykamovic) just came and surprisingly WE DID WEAR A SAME HIJAB STYLE! hahaha what a coincidence. So i shouted her out and show my hijab as well.hahha!

And yes right after we've done the pray.. we did apologize each other. And me and rommy took a picture for a while..

so here is the picture with rommy..
                                                    mind the bad picture quality

                    with Mia (aprilia's collection's owner) and her sister in law mbak isna

And.. what did i wear in this Lebaran?
    i wore hijab with Dian Pelangi hijab style. i wore bandana first then put the hijab on it.

           i wore white dotted blouse and batik rok. hehe a bit weird but i dont care! :p

          the details of my white-dotted-blouse which is not sooo kind of Lebaran clothes. hihi

hehe i think thats enough for today. really had a great time with big family and with some good food as well.

yuhuu, happy lebaran everyone!
especially for my lovely one, Bebi Faz, who didnt pray Ied due to wake up late. haha


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