Friday, September 17, 2010

The preparation so far..

Hai hai hai..
After all those Lebaran's holiday, here we are working on KARAFAZ wedding thingy again. One month to goo!! And still there are some unfinished works about the wedding. huff.. so i think i need to write down the details of my wedding..

Venue           : PTIK, Kebayoran
Catering       : Yvonne (but still i havent did any test food of it yet) Its because of the owner of the catering is my grandmother's bestfriend, so we are a bit "santai" :p
Decoration   : Chantique (And again, the owner is my step mother's friend, so we can get cheaper price which suits with our budget without losing the magnifience and the quality, yihaa!)
Make up       : Sanggar Ardhiya by bu Is Sriyanto
Scarfs/veils   : not yet
Weddingcard: Ready Card tebet (langganan)
Thank you card: Ready Card
Sewa baju     : Sanggar Ardhiya
Kebaya         : Tante Yulia (Faz's mother's best friend)
friends' uniform: Fancy
Documentation: Bu bambang (my grandma's bestfriend)
Souvenir          : - (either mangga dua or australia souvenir)
Heels              : -
KUA thingy    : belooom
Seserahan stuffs: half done
rings                : beloooom
entertainment   : belooom
hand bouqet    : beloom

soo many things to doo...
- final meeting with Ready card (tebet) then naik cetak!
- test make up and rent some clothes at Sanggar ardhiya
- giveaway the fabric uniform
- hunting for my scarfs
- hunting souvenirs
- pre wed treatment
- hunting for rings
- fitting kebaya with Tante Yulia

hmmmm such a homework! hu haaa.. semangattt!!

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