Thursday, September 16, 2010


hai there.. whats upp?? hehe
today i finally went out meet up with my UI college closest friends.. they are my TKA-team, ajeng, dinda, viona, and cocom.
And as usual we always share some stories and gossips while having sushi as our early dinner. Lovely! we shared some stories, we shared some precious experiences, we had some in-depth-conversations.. no time for gossips! hihi. And please note that i was sooo talkative a.k.a baweel! haha. i cant even shut my mouth!
but too bad we forgot to take some pictures at sushi tei. And right after we exit from sushi tei, cocom should go home soon :( and we dont have any pictures the five of us.

             the only pictures we took was in the zara lift! haha.(ajeng, viona, and dinda)
and not forget to took a pic of me
wearing viona's glasses #random picture
Well actually there were my-another-best-friends in sency as well, but i couldnt catch them up coz i was too busy with my "balimo taruih" (berlima terus) friends. I was thinking that i often to meet them rather than the balimo, so i choose to keep my self with balimo :))


  1. balimo taruih

    bahasa minang ya kk :)

    1. hehehe iya pemberian nama dari temen yg org Padang :p

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