Monday, January 4, 2010

Introverted or Extroverted type ?

hai folks ! kinda shocked knowing that my site counter shows "1,757 visitors" while on friday it was 1,698. wow, thank you guys.. such a great honour for me to know that u guys keep visiting me.. hmm now i confuse what am I going to write down. its about to 4 am ! actually im waiting for the subuh time instead of focus to write down something. hehe..

hmm.. today.. another mingling time with my girls.. there were gyanda, putri, dira, moi, dita, and erik. i was too excited to meet them ! I'm missing the way gyanda tells some stories or even just give a comment.. its so her. she has her own style in telling stories :)
I'm missing pudii with all of her quirkyness, her kindness, her sillyness. hihi..
I'm missing moi's characterists, yes she's just so her either cuteness or sillyness :p
I'm missing the way dita ceplas ceplos, joking like srimulat (what the??), the way (s)he talks wisely or even just shouting those unnecessary comment. haha !
I'm missing the way dira tells her-so-much-to-tell- stories in details. I mean, very detail so that we keep listening to her the silence :)
so where are the other girls ? huu payah ! :p

you know, the after feeling of mingling with ur peer-group or ur very close circle, is such a good thing. you're kinda fully recharged. or even sometimes you're an introverted person. you know that introverted-person tend to have some energies from themselves, by taking some times to be alone, but not feels lonely. they're kinda people are enjoying their loneliness than be among others. that'ss reverse from the extroverted-person, who take some energies by mingling/ hanging with others.

but somehow, what im saying is, though you're kinda introverted-person it doesnt mean that you're totally hate to go hang out with people or your circles. You might hanging out or mingling with them but there's still a side that you wont or you cant to share with others. thats me !
I somehow can be look like an extroverted person from the outside but im still who I am as an introverted person.but today I feel like take some energies from my besties like some extroverted-person do..
lets just call it a Quality time with my closest circle (re: besties). hmm, sounds cool :p

I think the subuh time has come. so it's time for me to pray and have a quality time with my bed :)

see youu..
feel free to leave some comments in here, unless you're lazy you may leave a checklist in these blank box
thank you..

nb : welcoming kiki a.k.a Ajeng's boyfie who has become "life report" follower. such an honour :D


  1. which type do you think i am then? ;p

    oii!manaa?ga ada komen loe di satupun postingan guwaaa...:(

  2. i think you're kinda introverted-person, just like me.. haha. though i didnt leave a comment into your blog,I've commented ur blog by twiiter lohh

  3. feel like u could much more than this raa, i mean the way youre telling story. kliatan nihh klo emg lg ada sama ga ada mood nyaa :p :p
    anyway, keep on posting yaa. im ur one of ur loyal visitor. haha

  4. emang iya put. Ive already mentioned kan that i was just waiting for the subuh time, instead of focus to write down the post. :p

  5. kalau gitu berarti gua Online ekstrovert. setidaknya itu tahap untuk sedikit-dikit keluar, hihi..

  6. wahh ada kikiii... hehe baru sadarr! haha iya kii.. ini gw jg nih ekstrovert di dunia maya :P


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