Thursday, January 21, 2010

a (late) birthday surprise :)

whats up??
Just got home from mingling with my besties, my high school friends (strawbz) to be exact :)
and one thing make it very special is the attendance of my so long time no see friends though we're get college in the same town >> Lidia! the one whom always busy with her campus, organizations thingy and also her religion and family thingy :) glad to know that she's still the same. nothing's change..
so here are the girls.. (sorted from who came earlier)
dinaa.. dita. putri. gue. moi. lidia. gyanda..

after sency-ing at foord court.. (oh god just realized that i didnt enter the stores there at all..) we went straight to belezza to do karaoke at NAV.. :)

and as we entered the karaoke room.. few minutes than..
there was a small cake with a small candle on top of it..
and they played birthday songs on the playlist..
woww.. it felt like i was in a small birthday party.. with the music as the backsound..
hahahah.. so nice :)
thank youuu... it worked lohh girlsss ;)
i didnt realized it when did they plan it.. haha..
but honestly i had an expectation to be surprised by them as I met them at sency,
but as we left sency i forgot the expectation.. heheh..

bottom : dita
gyanda whom took this pic

got another pics on moi's BB..
thanks my dears.. really had a great day with you all..

love youu :)

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