Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my quick update

its been more than two weeks since my last post.
ahh blame the BB. i always online by BB and faz (finally) using iphone, so we can always keep in touch in every single second. Therefore I rarely online via my PC and write a post. huhu.

my latest update :
>> I've been busy with KKN thingy, i have to stay for 3 days in rancaekek village every weekend till May. therefore i rarely to go to the mosque. huhuhu! poor me!
>> I've been enjoying my credits business. yes, indeed. i love it when they needed my credits urgently and i can send it to them immediately. and exactly when they pay their debt. i have much oney cash in my wallet in a snap! :)
>> May is coming soon. yeay yeay! cant wait to meet my soon-to-be-hubby-insyaA :)

okay. i think its enough.
talk to you later :)
by the way, here are my photos in Rancaekek.

good friends. good place. good environment

last but not least
good boyfriend also
Bebi Faz :*


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