Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bad News vs Good News

Last week i've heard many bad news from my UI old friend who lost their family member. Its like 3 or 4 days in a row. First, my friend who lost his father and then followed by my bestie, Viona, who lost her old brother in sudden, then from my friend who become my junior in Unpad, she lost her mother. So sad.. i feel so scary..
i'm not ready to loose my closest people (again, after my mother) yet not ready to leave them as well. Hhhh.. but yeah that's life yahh.. we'll never know what happen in the next minute of our life.. All we gotta do is be the best person for people surround us, dan juga sekitar kita.. dan meningkatkan amal ibadah kita pastinya.

And.. this week.. Alhamdulillah ive heard good news from my friends. Suci is now officially a preggie lady! alhamdulillah.. congrats dear, and at the same day i heard that one of my good friend whom her hubby lives in Melb, she is finally got the spouse visa so she will fly to Melby soon! Alhamdulillah.. how can i not happy for them.. and jealous.. hmm.. i want to unite with my hubby ASAP but the only obstacle between us is my thesis, i have to finish it soon! :(

Okey, hear the good news.. but i have to stay focus on my goal.. done what should be done, here..
i have to find or make my own good news.. hehe such as.. hmm.. hmmm.. i dont know..
all i gotta do is just be thankful of what i've got and be blessed more and more. stay focus tho there are so many other things that will make me distracted...

Lets make our own good news..
lets seek some pleasure by oursleves... instead of focus on others' happiness..

Well i actually dont know what im talking about! hahahah.. ;p

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