Monday, April 23, 2012

My makeup kit


as my promise before on the previous post..
In this post, i'll show my makeup tools in my beauty kit.
Means i always bring this things in my bag wherever i go for daily activities hehe..

Not kind of a fancy makeup tools just the average one, what matters for me is the (reasonable) price and the function hehe
So here it is..

 1. The makeup pocket - The Sak. Given by my stepmom
 2. Lipstick - Revlon (004 Pink). Bought it only IDR 30.000
 3. Mascara - PAC. Seserahan gift
 4. Lipbalm - Avene Skin Care. Given by my sist in law
 5. Blush on - The Body Shop. Seserahan gift
 6. Black eyeliner - PAC. Seserahan gift
 7. Eyebrow pencil - REVLON (brown). My mom's heritage
 8. White eyeliner - PAC. Seserahan gift
 9. Sharpener - Oriflame. Bought it many years ago, only about IDR 14.000
10. Sunblock cream - Parasol. Bought it, IDR 50.000
11. Blush on Brush - Giordani (oriflame). Bought it many years ago, forgot the price
12. Lip gloss - The Body Shop. Seserahan gift
13. Small mirror - random people's wedding souvenir *it has broken tho*
14. Liquid eyeliner - Revlon (not waterproof -__- ) Bought it, about IDR 65.000
15. Compact powder - The Body Shop. Seserahan gift

Cheap enough rite? so dont forget to have a list of your own "seserahan gift"(if you're not married yet) it helps you so much in collecting some makeup tools you need, and it will be useful and longlasting insyaallah. hihihi..


  1. oke, akan memilih pac dan bodyshop untuk seserahan nanti, hihihihi :D

  2. selalu suka dengan postingannya mba karasanten yang inspiring..hehehhee :D

  3. Hi Kara, salam kenal. Aku juga pake parasol lho... :p Tp prefer yg warna kuning bungkus luarnya krn spf nya lbh tinggi :-)

  4. hai kara slm kenal
    aq mo nanya..parasol ttp dipke walopun perginya ke tmpt indoor?
    klo ke acara kawinan ttp dpke jg sblm foundation?
    thx infonya ^^

  5. Ya ampun banyak aja ya booook :D


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