Friday, April 20, 2012

Electric blue

Me with one of my college (unpad) friend: Sarah
And Dinda the one who took this photo heheh

I'm wearing Kaffah Scarf; Electric Blue
Thank you Siti Juwariyah :* Loving bold color so much!

For daily look i just use:
    1. Sunblock
                2. Compact powder
          3. Eyeliner liquid
            4. Eyebrow pencil
 5. Blush on

Now am a bit more concern about my skin face whenever outside home, so I never forget to use sunblock to cover my skin face and also my hands from the sunlight. I become aware about sunblock because of my friend, Dinda. She really concern about skin's health than make up. 
And on our last meet up i asked Dinda
"Din, does sunblock make our skin whiter?"
"I think so! Because it covers our skin face from the sunlight.. probably"
"Hmm really? Cause, somehow eveytime i look at the mirror i feel like my skin face is whiter and more moist.. looks like im using a treatment cream, whereas i dont use any. So probably its because of sunblock ya?"
"Yes, because i feel that way too"

Yeayy! hiihihih.. so dont forget to wear your sunblock when you have some outdoor activities. Its important to wear sunblock to cover our skin face from 10am-4pm sunlight!

Will show you whats my makeup tools in my beauty kit on the next post! :*

PS: To all of you who have filled my questioner, thank you so much for helping me. Priceless :*

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