Monday, June 3, 2013


Subhanallah alhamdulillah...

Setiap hari, setiap waktu my baby kicking me. I can feel your movement nak.. And i always try to communicate with you *since im not a talkative person*.
I just cant wait to see you nak..
Im wondering what and how youre gonna look like... Do you feel any excited to meet me? How do i look? Hehehehe.
As the time goes by i feel getting more more bonding with you.. I feel the attachment of us! Hopefully you do.
Im getting more more love you day by day... hopefully you feel the same way ya...

Counting the days, so many things to prepare to welcome you nak.. But im enjoying it so much! enjoying every kick you do to me... cause i know someday im gonna miss this moment heheh.
May Allah memperlancar proses kelahiran kamu yaa.. Hopefully we can work together as a good team at that labour day. Aamin.
... The day when we're gonna meet in person, in real life in this place called world.

I love you K : *


  1. Semoga lancar yaa persalinanya nanti dan baby K serta momoynya sehat..aammiin.. *sambil usap-usap perut biar nular keisi baby :D

  2. congrats Kara..moga moga lancar ya kelahirannya nanti :)


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