Tuesday, February 9, 2010

from one wedding to another wedding reception

hai theree.. again and again.. been so longggg....
Im in Bandung NOW! yeahh my holiday was over!
my last holiday was full with my consideration of my wedding venue..
book sana sini..
pikir sana sinii..
browsing sana sini...
DAAANNN... attend wedding sana sini,
skalian survey. hihi..
sabtu was iqbal -rachma's wedding at gedung sasana amal bakti.
meet so many guys there..
and sunday was sotya-bayu's wedding and noni-richan's wedding AT THE SAME TIME.
pusing gak lo..
satunya di salemba, satunya di senayan..
ke sotya-bayu,
gw sampe sana 7 lebih, karna sebelumnya gue echa dan rommiy ketemuan dulu di pim jam 5, dandan2 and so on.. sejaman. cabcus deh ke salembaaa..
the wedding was quiet good. that was my very first time attending wedding in the early time, dimana semmua gubuk dipenuhi orang2 (biasanya gw slalu dtg jam 8 lewat)
norak nih gueee! sampe seneng bgt makan puffer tjes and kebab.. abistu langsung cabcus ke manggala, noni-richan's wedding..
i was preparing my self because i knew that her wedding had so many guests, over 1200 invitations, means 1200 times 2 = 2400 people!
and yeah as i entered the venue, wuadoohhh.. the queue was very longgg and very crowded. more like kind of concert event! there was a giant screen which played some their photos, and there also wishing tree, we could write down some greetings/ wishings on a card then it'd be hung on the tree. nice! and the theme was green. and mba noni was very very beautiful in her kebaya :)

and i met my camer and deycil (faz's little sister) there, and they seemed like survey the venue too, like my parents did. hehe... sedikit bocoran, i've booked that venue but havent paid the DP yet.. hmm but i dont feel any "sreg" with it. so i booked another venue, in case of..

btw, im soooo happyyy! due to echa and rommy's satisfaction of my make up touch. they got a compliment from their closest person ! rommy got one from her boyfie and echa got from her mom. yihaaa !
im so proud of mee ! i love to do make up and make others feel satisfied and feel gorgeous of it !!
It's such a huge-big-priceless compliment for me..


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