Thursday, February 4, 2010

first thing first: the venue

wanna know what I've been doing for these last 5 days ?
hunting, searching, browsing and even booking for my reception building..
actually the venue that i want is already booked on my wed date..
hmm so ive booked the second option, havent paid the DP yet.. then I tempted to look and browsing around another venue, and after spending much time in front of  my laptop i've found the second option but havent asked about it whether they're availabale on my wed date..
you know what, besides that.. i also been busy to list down my guests to be.. too early? haha yeah that's me.. very deliberative, planner and so on..
ahhh i really want to survey the venue ASAP..
or even i couldnt wait till morning comes so i can phone my second option to ask the date..

sekarang gue lagi begadang lohhh...
and the benefit of my begadang is ive got so many information, the ultimate info is came from, kind of web all about wedding and there also some discussion place.. and Ive joined them.. and so i can enter their discussion room..
wow and it feels like.. a new thing for me yet exciting me..
from the discussion room, I know there's some common term in wedding..
it is "Over DP" in terms of venue or reception building..
the venue that we've booked and paid the DP, we could sell it to others who interest, either on the date we've booked or another date.. wow! it's cool ! * because if we cancel the venue, the money of the DP would be wasted, so that they would to offer Over DP to others..
there are so many thread or discussion like that..
and ive joined the thread.. hihi iseng2 ajah..

btw i feel like amazed by this forum. it feels like every weekend is others' wedding.. and when my wed-date-to-be is mentioned by others, i feel like "hey! we're on a same date" and i feel like there's no such thing "its still long way to go " or sumthing else.. everyone's telling their wed date (e.g nov 2010, sep 2010) and yeah they have booked the venue ! wowww..they've told the decorations catering and so on..
and i think now im still in the very first preparation : the venue

ive got sooo many many information.. hmm now im  confused, actually no that confused because my building requirement is a bit difficult..
 the building price is should be under 20 juta, the rent hours should be in long time (15.00-22.00) because i want to held the akad nikah also inside of the building, and before the reception..
and the capacity of the building should be up to 1000/1200 persons...

hmm from those requirements, i got two options.. the first is the one which ive booked and the other option, i havent phoned it yet... ohh dear, before 10th feb (the DP day) i shouldve made up my mind which venue i want !

wish me luck guys ;)
this issue is very very excites me..

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