Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bendigo Agogo!

Still about my story and pic from Melbourne where my bebi lives.
A week before i went back home to Jakarta, Saturday, i accompany my hubby to work, filming some of football matches which held by kind of football federation there. Yeah thats his work, he often works in weekend for filming wedding or football.
 That time, we go to Bendigo, its far away from melbourne.. the distance is like maybe if we go to Bogor or Bdg from Jakarta. It tooks about 1-2 hours.

Its a small town and lots of old buildings.
while he's working i was sleeping in the car, because i was really sleepy at that time. hihi sorry bebbi. hmm.. i slept, skip almost two matches, so yeah i sleep about two hours! haha!

after all those filming thingy, time to us to enjoy the bendigo before we go back home.
*kaya foto prewed yak?? haha!


  1. romantisnyo :D suka sama celananya kara *drolling*

  2. ka kar ( kakkara.haha) kalo sunglassesnya merk apaaa??beli dmn? :D tkyu


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