Saturday, May 14, 2011

HijabersComm - 1st Islamic Study

Call me so late!
i forgot to post about Hijabers community 1st Islamic study which held on April, 9 2011.  The theme was spring and the dress code was flowery.
That was such a special day for me, cause bebi Faz, my hubby, accompanied me there and willing to shoot the event using his new camera. hehe. 
During the event, he was really busy and focus on his camera, his monopod, shot some pictures from any angels and also direct me and my friends to do this and that in front of the camera :p
But not only busy with the cam but he also mingled with my friends, i adore him in this case. He could mingled nicely with my friends though he hasn't met them before :)

So here it is the result, the highlight is wrapped in one day only! 
Thank you bebi :*


  1. love it, it seems so interesting.. :)

  2. Actually i have already saw this video from youtube,,I adore the event and hopely I have been there too...Kara..I love the video, so I think your husband is a professional videographer...I wondering what kind of camera that your husband did use ?

  3. @fairytale : Thank you :)

    @muty : hehe thank youu, please do join us (Hijabers Comm.) and come to our next even ya. Woow, my hubby must be happy to see your comment hehe yes he exactly is a videographer, especially for wedding in Melbourne. The camera is 7D Canon.


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