Friday, July 22, 2011

Shoot Shoot Shoot!

Thursday, July 21, 2011
As i go back to Jakarta, 
Alhamdulillah i had a chance (again from Hijabers Community) to took a part as one of extras in a TVC and a Print Ad of Islamic school. 
The director of this TVC, Mas Hedi, is the same director of Inarovi's Video clip, Pelangi Hati.

So here the photos of me, Fitri, Mbak Dian Ayu and Irna from Hijabers Community :)

 The school hired Darwis Triadi as a photographer, 
and he randomly took picture of us in his spare time

Its a wrap!!! at 11.30 pm! *sighs* What an entertainment world!
Noticing the crew works ohh man it reminds me of my Broadcasting majority in D3. I've ben there! Dealing with lighting, angle, camera, blocking, talent, time and etc. 
A tough work! Its quite tiring! While the talents are just bored to wait till they in frame.. 
so thats the different between crew and talent! Hmm.. i think i dont love the behind thes scene world anymore, i love in front of camera instead! Hahahahahah :p

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