Saturday, January 14, 2012

Animal Print on Hijab!

"Besok dresscode nya apa nihhh????"
"Bebas ajahhh..."
"Animal print aja yukk!!!"
"Hmmmm... gak punyaaa"
"Hmmm... ada sihhh.."
"Asikk besok animal print yaa DC nyaa!!!"

Dan.... beginilahhhh.....

With the bride-to-be Nadya, and yes now she's become a wife! Welcome to the newly wed life :)
 Siti kurang ajyarrr!
Have you ever seen Suci's teeth? *since she always close her lips sealed when on cam hehehe..

Disclaimer: We're not a geng or stuff, we're just a what so called peer group. 

peer group is a social group consisting of humans. Peer groups are an informal primary group of people who share a similar or equal status and who are usually of roughly the same age, tended to travel around and interact within the social aggregate[1] Members of a particular peer group often have similar interests and backgrounds, bonded by the premise of sameness.[2] (Wikipedia)

similar status: Blogger and Married for 1 year (except Nadya, and siti will nyusul soon!)
same age: around 22-25
similar interest: wearing hijab, love fashion, photos etc :)
similar backgrounds: house wife yet an enterpreneur

Alhamdulillah :)

*yang tersisa di pim*


  1. seru banget yaaa kak kara...
    jadi envy >,<

  2. lucuuu, jadi pengen pake yg berbau animal print hahahahaha

  3. Cute! I'll try it soon, thanks:)


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