Monday, January 16, 2012

24th Birthday Blast I

January 16, 2012..
is my 24th birthday
Alhamdulillah got so many sweet birthday greetings and wishes from my family, friends, new friends in this blog and twitter. And also many blessings from Alloh. Cant thank enough.
Cant stop saying Alhamdulillah, Thank you dear family and friends :)

In the morning of January 16

Thanks dearest!!!! xoxoxoxo

it means alot for me! so i captured it all since it can't be saved (DP BBM & BBM GROUP)
i also save those PM birthday greetings and faved all of the bday greetings in twitter


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  2. happy birthday Kara, may Allah always guide, protect and enlighten your life :)

  3. happy swwet birthday kak,,kak kara bruntung bgt punya teman2 yg prhatian sama kakak..smoga Allah ksh yg trbaik&teman2 kakak slalu syg kakak^^

  4. Met Milad mbak.....pokoknya semoga sukses dunia akherat...bighug


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