Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 Wedding Receptions in a row

Saturday, December 4 2010.
Putri's wedding (one of my hijabers friends) at Dhanapala

Imitating kak Lulu's pose :

The bride and the groom :)

with hijabers friends :)
on Sunday morning I straight to Bandung to attend one of my Unpad friends' wedding at Pusda'i
Sunday, December 5 2010

Saturday 11 December 2010
Fika & Delon's Wedding. at TMII
i was lost at the moment, i arrived at there at 9 o clock. Hiks. As i arrived, hijabers, me and rommy, took photo with the bride and the groom then some of them went back home. Hoaaa! we even just met for took some photos together, there was no time to chit chat with them :(

met my bestie, cocom :)
kara - rommy - restu- wulan- ghaida-thita-fitri

with Ina rovi . photgraphed by restu

courtesy of Sendy M.
Inarovi - kara- Ola- Sendy- Siti - Restu - Wulan - Fitri - Lulu - DELON&FIKA - Ayu- Tia - tantri - Rommy - Ghaida - Thita
Courtesy of Sendy Monarchi

Happy Wedding for all of those newly weds :)


  1. Salam, I love how you wore your the purple hijab? can you pls put a tutorial on it.

    Thanks :)

  2. Salam,hey there.. thank you for your comment. Well honestly it was a coincident, i dont even know how to make it draped on my head. I've been trying to find out but the result is still not the same :(
    But i'll keep trying and make a tutorial of it :)

  3. hy Kara..
    salam kenal.
    as a women who wear hijab too, i like your style.
    could we be a good friend?
    hope we can share anything.:)


  4. Halo Ilma. Thank you if you like my style, so glad to hear that :)
    yes sure! why not hehe
    amiin. Thank you :D

  5. oiya,kmu kuliah d Unpad?trus tinggal dmn?
    miss Bandung so much..:'(

  6. ngekos di dago pojok, deket kampus. Iyah saya ambil komunikasi unpad :)
    Main2lah ke bandung, hehe

  7. jiahhh,,sayah juga kuliah d Bdg bu,,d Polban (Politeknik Negri bdg),sama dago pojok mh satu daerah atuh..haha
    rmh sayah d Grt,,d SBy kerja doang.
    siip ntar klo k Bdg lg maen deh..:)

  8. wah aq punya inspirasi neh bwt kondangan hahaha like u're style kara.....


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