Friday, February 4, 2011

Australia Day!!!

Wednesday, January 26 2011
It was Australia Day!
We celebrated it by making such an olimpiade for us Indonesian people in Melbourne.
The race was just same like we usually do in Indonesia's Independence Day or "lomba 17 Agustusan". Such as, bakiak races, futsal, put the needle into a bottle, etc.
The whole people were divided into a two groups, called Melbourne 1 and Melbourne 2.
Melbourne 1 should wore green clothes while Melbourne 2 wore yellow clothes. 
Green and Yellow (gold) represents Autralia's national colours.
The place was in Yarra Park.
Futsal-ing wore mask

eating bread contest
Naga-naga race

Bakiak race

Lomba suap pisang (suami sitri)
Alhamdulillah we won the race, i walked fast to take the banana with eyes closed while faz directed me by shouts.. and he ate the two bananas very very FAST! what a FAZ!

The distribution of prizes, we got kerupuk! hehe
though Melbourne 1 won the champion, but after the event finished we were shaking hands and took a pic

All photographed by Auly


  1. hahaha... muka lu kar... ga bs normal. lucu bgd dah...
    anw, suka bgd sm postingan yg ini :)

  2. Kara jeansnya kereeeen, beli dimanatuh? *pengen*

  3. ahhh serunyaaa... iyah jeansnya lutunaaa... mauuuu^^

  4. @fitri: hehehe oke baiklah lain kali gue foto sok cool ahhh :p

    @me aishi , @mimidailystyle : hihi itu beli di Zara, belinya pas lagi diskon jadinya ukurannya tinggal yang gede ga ada yg kecil :p

  5. coool...nice post kar...narasi sama fotonya pas..seru seru seru!

  6. ajkh auly sang fotografer handal :D numpang promosiin foto2 lo haha!


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