Monday, February 14, 2011

Pelangi Hati by Ina Rovi

Heyy do you notice me in this "Pelangi Hati" clip by Ina Rovi ?
Hihihi. Anyway,
She's a newcomer singer in Indonesia who also one of Hijabers Community. As far as i know, she is lovely, humble and very talented. 
"Pelangi Hati" is her 2nd single.
The song is really easy listening, and catchy. I onley heard the song twice and i automatically memorized it :)
And Alhamdulillah, luckily i got a chance to be part of her beautiful video clip. I was asked to be one of the extras, there are also, Tia, Ayu, Fika, Putri, Anneke, Jehan, Riza, Hanna, and Ria from Hijabers group. The rest are f The concept, the talent, the song, and the wardrobe are totally fresh and lovely, in my opinion. This v-clip consist of some lovely hijabers, all covered and wardrobe by who else who love this kind of shabby colors but Ria Miranda with her Shabby Chic and make up by Wardah.

The V-clip was held on Wednesday, November 24 2010, and i shouldve been at my campus in Bandung to attend class and take a quiz.. but i skipped it just for this kind of rare opprtunity, yes to be a model! Ihiy!

And this pic is my second scene with mbak Jehan, Kak Riza, kak Fika and the rest is from model's agent, well this actually the very last scene to be shot at that time!
Really, i had a great time with the song, the shooting and the hijabers,
we chat, eat, and took some pictures alot!



  1. Oh ya ampuuun, ada ka kara juga ya ternyata?? hihi, abis rame bgt, sama-sama cantik semua...
    vclip sama lagunya asiiik bgt :)

  2. @Ria : Hehe makasih ya Ria :)

    @kak rizaaaaaa huhuhuuhu anen beratsss sama kak risaaa! udah berenti kerja ajaaa biar bisa HC-an muluu hihiih *seenaknya

  3. dear kara....
    would u make a tutorial of your hijab like in V-Clip pleaseeeeee!!! (maksa) hehehe..
    pengen banget pake hijab kaya kara..
    u look so beautiful, as always..
    love U

  4. Hai Lailaaa.. i'd love to but i dont know how to, because the hijab stylist did those hijab styles to us. hehehe.
    anyway thank you yahhh :) :*


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