Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Playing in the Beaches

Tuesday, 8 February 2011
We went outside to enjoy beautiful beaches. 
Faz drove me to few beaches, and obviously, we took some pictures there..

Williamstown Beach

Then we off to Time Ball Tower,
it is a heritage building, that used to help sailors navigate the ships. This is the very first lighthouse there is in Melbourne.

 Williamstown Cafe Strips. 
The beach and Cafe Precint is only few minutes away from our place, which makes it double the coolness.. yippiiieee

And then.. time feel the breeze of St. Kilda beach!
One of the most famous spot in Melbourne for some reason unknown; most probably because its near proximity with city. Whether its jogging, laying down, reading novel or just have a sip of coffee, this is the place to do them. 

And.. The last beach we visited is.. Brighton beach!
The only beach the we had eventually put out foot on the sands, strolled down the beach with the very cool Brighton Bathhouse in the background. Look how much love we shared!!!!
  The Iconic Brighton Bathing House, A Must-See sighting in Melbourne. It was cold and quiet but it actually suits us much much much more!
Ouch! Well, its LOVE not LUST! :)

bye :)


  1. aaahhh,, mba kara foto2nya keren abiiisss.. bikin envy buat yg lagi LDR-an hahahahha :D
    happy for you both :)

  2. uhuuyy!! hehehe LDR-an juga?? hehe nikmati aja sayy.. Thanks ya alhamdulillah :)


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