Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 23rd Birthday & the Wedding of Dian Pelangi

January 16
yea yea yea Alhamdulillah i am 23 years old now. Nothing's special on my birthday, no surprises, no friends, but i got so many greetings and wishes that makes me happy, grateful and kept me saying "Amiin".
Most of my friends wishing me to have a baby soon. haha! Aahh though i'm not ready yet but i replied them with "amin" :)
Last year on my birthday, their wishes were me to get married soon with Faz.
This year they wish me to have a baby not just a "bebi". hehe.

some of you perhaps wanna know what my husband did or gave to me on my birthday. The answer is nothing! hehe. He didnt gave me a greeting or some wishes. He told me that Birthday is just like another ordinary day. Nothings to be celebrated, even just for a greeting. Huh! But as i asked him to give me just a little prayer, he finally gave me some wishes :)

As a mature lady and a wife to faz, i become a frigid person. We dont do celebrate some of our special date, such as "tanggal jadian" and wedding monthversary. Hihi. Weird but thats us now :)

Well anyway.. actually what makes me excited bout my birthday was Dian Pelangi's wedding which held on my birthday! yeay yeay gonna meet my hijbaers again. I dont care bout my birthday, i just wanna meet them, taking some pictures and all :) 
Anyway, Dian's wedding theme were Morocco so she has given a hint to us to wear our best kaftan.
Me and Ghaida were making an appointment in my house, she asked me to make her up. So she came to my house. Wow such an honour for me, it means like she trust me, and my skill. haha oke i am too much ya!
It was my first time handling someone's face beside rommy. haha! I always do rommy's make up. Hoho.
And you know what.. that was my very first time wearing fake eyelashes by my self! Ergghh, it stressed me out! I should've more practice to wear it.

So here are the pictures of my make up. Smokey eyes rule! I also did Rommy's make up :)

taken after the party. fake eyelashes off. hehe
We were late come to the wedding and what make it worse is the parking lot which far far away from the venue. The venue is at Kempinski Hotel Indonesia, and we parked at Grand Indonesia :(
Dian & Tito
The video which played there totally breath taking! Huaa i forgot to take a photo.
Restu. Rommy. Ghaida. Me. Fitri.
Ghaida. Me. Kak Tia. Uni Ria
With uni Ria Miranda, she's wearing bright color: ORANGE! She always resist wearing bright colors
rommy. talitha. me. kak ina. etu. febby. fitri
Naaa! So she is Ghaida, a young mom whom i make up. Does she look more pretty with the make up? Does she look alike Titi Kamal? Ha!

These three pics below are taken by Sendy M.

Happy Wedding Dian dan Tito may you all got so many blessings from Allah. 
become a Sakinnah Mawaddah Warrohmah Family. Amiin :)

Thank You Hijabers ladies.. attending Dian's i almost forgot that it was my birthday hihi.
Too excited to meet you all!


  1. jadi kepingin di make up juga...

    happy birthday kak :)

  2. selamat hari lahir...
    seperti nisa..aku jg mu di make up n diajarin hehehe

  3. Happy Milad, Karaaa...
    Semoga mjd istri sholehah.
    Kl hamiltonnya barengan seru niy. hihihihi... :p

  4. Selamat ulang tahun yaa..
    May Allah always be with you :)

    You all are gorgeuos as always ^^

  5. Shadownya Kara nampooll banget kaar! sukaaa hehe
    aminn amiinn semoga Ka Fit sama Kara & Romy bareng "isi" nyah :)

  6. @nisa and @aishi : hehe kalo pengen di make up-in berarti bagus yah? hihi.. makasihh *pede :p

    @fitri : thank you fitrii, he? ada apa nih ngomongin hamilton tiba2? mau kapan? hihi.

    @sari: Thank you sariii.. amiin. ahh i think that's too much for me sari hehe.

    @febby: heheh! iya dong harus nampol! hihi.. amiin :)) thankyou febby

  7. Dear Kara,
    I am also a Muslim student living in Melbourne. I am very interested in your fashion style. Can you help me get in touch with Dian Pelangi? I want to buy some of her designs. Look me up on Facebook at Esma Yucel. Please, it is very important to me.

  8. hai eya nice to know ya, just tweet her @dianpelangi and ask her yaa ;)

  9. nuri akmal irmantiyoNovember 25, 2011 at 10:08 AM


    kara sama mbak rommy itu ada hubungan keluarga kah? mirip sih wajah nya..

  10. ass..mbk mau tnya,even hijabers suka buat bazar ya?klo untuk info ikutan promo dbazarnya gmn ya?ajkh


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