Saturday, January 22, 2011

Balimo Taruih

on Monday, January 17
I was hanging out with my UI college friends, they were my team when we made our final work assignment. We called us "Balimo Taruih" it means, "always five". We made a feature video, yes we made it by ourselves but also helped byso many our other friends.
We spontaneously arranged the meet up thingy at that day, and Thank God, cocom whose home is far, could make it.
And we choose sushi tei for our early dinner, as always.
And luckily Sushi Tei got birthday program, so we can claim to them that we've just birthday.
And they will serve this

It's for free. Its a rice with mango and salmon on the top. Yumm!

We spent lots of time at Sushi tei because we keep talking, joking, and gossip-ing bout anything.
Me. Ajeng. Viona. Cocom. Dinda
Err you may see my face is plain here, no make up at all. Contradictive with my previous post which my face was full of make up. hihi. Im using make up depends on my mood. Hehe.


  1. cute rainbow pashmina. loveee it so muchoo ;)

  2. thank you so muchos. its dian pelangi! :)

  3. balimo taruih... its minang languange... are from padang?? tapi kenapa pas acara weddingnya kok pake adat jawa?? knp gak pake suntiang??

  4. emangnya orang jawa gak boleh ngomong bahasa padang? ;) saya orang jawa kok hehe


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