Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Sunday in Melb

 Melbourne, January 23 2011
On Sunday afternoon

We were wandering around the City, Melbourne. City is totally crowded and full of some unique buildings and many other interest things like cafe and etc. We were just wandering by car, Bebi showed me where he usually go to work, shooting and else. Its totally different from where bebi live now, Geelong Rd, where its more like an industry region, kinda quiet place but lots of big truck.
We stopped at only one spot.
Yeahh since we were only just the two of us, so we tried so hard to take some photos of us. hihi! 
No object to be captured, just a narsistic pics of us :p

It was about 8pm at that time, yeah its summer so the sun is still shining brightly till about 8pm. 
We have Maghrib time is at about 08.30 pm here.

After taking some photos and walked down the street (just a bit sih), then we straight to Nando's restaurant at Williamstown for dinner! YEAYY!

Thanks and AJKH bebi,
I Love You,


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  2. senangnya ketemu suami yah.... selamat menikmati kebersamaan^^

  3. hihi alhamdulillah. Terimakasih :)

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