Saturday, January 29, 2011

Survey Time

On Saturday January 22, KaraFaz and two of our friends were going to survey some place (park) for our big event which will be held on Wednesday January 26 to celebrate Australian Day.
From Yarra Park we off to Dandenong, its pretty much far away. Its like from Jkt to Bogor I guess. Hmm.
In the end we prefer Yarra Park than Dandenong.

photographed by Auly (our good friend)
edited by me


  1. cieeee, karaaaa....
    seneng deh liat lg be2 sm suaminya..
    have fun ya dear :)

  2. hihik aku jadi maluuuuwww!
    Alhamdulillah fit..
    cium fitri duyu ahhh :*
    Thanks yah Mr. Mulky, enjoy your time too! :)


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