Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011

 In this 20100 may we all can be a better person in every single way! In health, in faith, in career/study, finance, self development.. and else. Amiin. I think we need some resolutions or plans or targets in every new year. By listing those stuffs we could measure ourselves wether we suceed or not.

My BIG Plans in 2011

Working on my (very) final exam properly, the best i can do. I mean InsyaAllah it would be my last final exam in this college before taking thesis, if i could pass all of the subjects in this semester.

InsyaAllah i'll choose this city as my vacation destination. hope everythings going well

Should take job training in somewhere office to fulfill the requirements before taking thesis. Hope i got a great office which suits with me and not taking too long time.

After Job training then i got to make some kind of little seminar before entering thesis part.
 It consist The first chapter of my upcoming thesis

Struggling with thesis issues. Hope i'd know what my thesis title would be as im working on job training. So am hoping It'll accelerate the process InsyaAllah.

Got graduated at about August. Hopefully. Bismillah..

Then if i've graduated from Unpad i wish to focus on 

Oh last but not least, i really wish to unite with my hubby as soon as i got graduated



  1. salam kara...semoga apa yg diingkan di tahun ini bisa terwujud aamien :)
    kara aku follow dan mau tukeran link? link kara aku pasang duluan yah makasiii..:))

  2. amiin. amiin.. thanks yah dear :)


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