Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Fine Day at City

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
We were going to the city by train and tram. We walked down the street. 
We were eating some yummy food and beverages.
I wont tell you the details. Just enjoy the pics, then you could feel our joys and our love , for sure. hihi.

First stop: Mcd Stop
Then we parked our car in the parking lots, and caught the train to go to the city

 Yeay! we arrived in City!

They watched Autralia Open there
Then we got into the tram..
and stopped at...

And the last place we visited that time is..
 San Churo chocolateria
We were very pleased and so full!


  1. alhamd ikut bahagia liatnya..moga pulg2 hamil yah ^^

  2. ka'Kara Cantik,,,,Seneng bget Liat Pasangan Bahagia Bget,,,ikut Bahgia,,,SeMoga Allah SWT selalu MeMberikan Rahmatnya,,,Untuk K'kara dan Psangannya Amien...

  3. Huaa..san churo nya yummy..kok putih ya choco nya?? Yg di sydney chocolate..kalo ke sydney lg tar kasi th aja,i will be your guide.. Salam kenal kara ^_^


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