Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woman Islamic Fourm

Late post about WIF which held in Ambhara hotel on July 30..

When i was doing make up myself at toilet, suddenly few of my committe (HC) friends asked me to do their make up. Yeahh, so i did make up for 5 people in a row! hosh hosh hosh.. of course i didnt that all out doing the make up for them. hihi.. Firstly i did make up for Noi, then Fitri, then Mbak Ayi, then Restu and last was Wulan. Huahhh.. i think that was my record. Sadly, i had no time took picture with restu and wulan. 
But i feel so honoured lohh, because Fitri, Restu and Wulan are the fashion designer whom walked forward in front of all participants after their each fashion show.. hihi.

No, no, i didnt do make up for her. hehe.
She is Ligwina Hananto, a financial planner. She also write a book "Untuk Indonesia yang kuat", and i've read one and its interesting! But i like the way she speaks in public more, impressive! She is hilarious, talkative yet ehmm.. cynical hihi. I asked her to put her signature in my book. YEAY!

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